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Deep Dive: Stan "Substantial" Robinson
Maryland native Stan "Substantial" Robinson has championed activism, education, and hip-hop for three decades. What's his story?
43 min read
What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Video Games
How I carved my community's lane, what Discord has improved since 2015, and why Stages and music are its future.
14 min read
The Legacy
The biography of Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, esports industry heavyweight and pioneer of video game broadcasting.
4 min read
Establishing Confidence and Going Global with Atey Ghailan
Atey Ghailan, Senior Illustrator at Riot Games, speaks on crossroads in life, what the meaning of "art" really is, and how to overcome failure.
18 min read
Exploring Life & Art with Paul Kwon
Paul Kwon, Senior Concept Artist for Riot Games, opens up about growing up in Korea, what his journey included, and what his future plans are.
11 min read
Methodical Rigor III: Getting Primed Up
A look into the the premise of AI within Left 4 Dead, and why Half-Life's water shading is so damn important.
8 min read
An Open Letter to Twitch: Revive the Hip-Hop Gaming League
Video Games
Simultaneously the best and worst video game tournament of all-time, the Hip-Hop Gaming League Championship was an event no one remembers.
5 min read
Monkey King and 五行
Video Games
An ancient sect of Chinese mythology and philosophy, the Monkey King and Wu Xing clash as two top outfits attempt to integrate its lore.
6 min read
Methodical Rigor II: Diving Deeper
A dive into why the Source Engine revolutionized gaming, and why textures are critical to a game's feel.
7 min read
Methodical Rigor: Revisiting Valve's Game Design
Revisiting and breaking down Valve's game design, the question of what makes their games special arises.
10 min read
Virtual Conduits: How Overwatch’s Inclusivity Promotes Hope
Video Games
A look into how Overwatch's inclusivity and approach for equality promotes hope.
10 min read