May 12, 2020

The Legacy

The biography of Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, esports industry heavyweight and pioneer of video game broadcasting.

The Legacy

Since October 2017, this project was intended to be a biographical interview with Marcus, spanning only a few pages. The proposal was originally entitled The Legacy.

It bloomed into a larger project over time, and eventually the decision to merge the history of Justin TV with Marcus' interview was made. Enter Justin Kan, Kevin Lin, and other vital contributors. This part, which definitively details the creation and timeline of livestreaming on the internet alongside Justin TV evolving into Twitch, was entitled The Revolution.

The piece was intended to be released as The Legacy, The Revolution. I made the decision two weeks prior to publishing to pull the latter half of the entire project out. Not all has been removed, though; I've decided to release limited versions of the contributions Justin Kan and Kevin Lin provided.

The Revolution will be released at a later date after further refinement.

The Legacy will permanently live on Marcus' website at the link (button) below.


The Legacy

(showcase; media-heavy)

The Legacy Minimal

(fast, plaintext version)