Jeff Kim
Seoul, South Korea
Deep Dive: Stan "Substantial" Robinson
Maryland native Stan "Substantial" Robinson has championed activism, education, and hip-hop for three decades. What's his story?
43 min read
Exploring the Design of Instagram
Tens of billions of moments captured. Subject of countless behavioral studies. A cultural phenomenon. How do I improve that?
17 min read
What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Video Games
How I carved my community's lane, what Discord has improved since 2015, and why Stages and music are its future.
14 min read
Adventures in Sound: Exploring Discord's Music UI/UX Design
My vision of what the Spotify integration on Discord could one day be.
20 min read
Sambangmae: Cozy Ramen Joint Near Lotte Tower
A great lunch meetup spot, nestled in the northern alleyways of Songpa-dong's best food street.
10 min read
The Chemistry Behind Alan "The Alchemist" Maman
Alan "The Alchemist" Maman's discography is one of the most prolific in hip-hop history. What's the story of the man behind the beats?
51 min read
Action Bronson: Larger Than Life
The vainglorious Flushing, Queens native has found immense success in both hip-hop and the culinary arts. With wealth secured, he's now after health and happiness.
34 min read
Seoldo: Premium-Aged Unlimited Beef in Wirye
Seemingly hidden in a side street of an apartment complex in Wirye, Seoldo offers unlimited beef at an affordable price, making this a great go-to spot.
10 min read
Something About Coffee: Gangnam's Most Magical Dessert Cafe
Located on Gangnam's most populated tourist street, Something About Coffee offers magic through drinks and desserts.
9 min read
Our Neighborhood Meat Market: Fresh and Simple Korean BBQ Near Nakseongdae Park
Striking a balance between homegrown and high tier, this meat joint has proved itself as a go-to in my personal favorite spots.
11 min read
Ganko Black: Savory and Authentic Japanese Curry in COEX Mall
The savory flavor complimented by the salty goodness of Ganko Black's oven-baked curry will leave your mouth begging for more.
11 min read
Ssal Ssal Chicken: Chicken of My Childhood in Gangnam
Koreans love chicken, but what makes this place special? It's all in the dredge flour, and it's a treat in and of itself.
8 min read
Jikhwa: Japanese Fusion Charcoal-grilled Meat Bowls in Gangnam
A fusion of Japanese flavors can be found within the Korean charcoal-grilled meat bowls here. The slice of Japan you didn't know you needed.
9 min read
The Best Drink in Seoul: Melonade at Into the Cave in Itaewon
I never thought a drink of honeydew melon and soda could bring a tear to my eye.
5 min read